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SEO search enging optimization15039207_sDoes Your Business Need SEO Help?

Search Engine Optimization might seem like an over-used advertising strategy; something you have read too much about. Is it a fad or a useful tactic which leads customers to your website or brick-and-mortar shop to do business? More importantly, could your website do with an SEO upgrade?

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization causes search engines to find the most relevant links to a particular key word or phrase typed into a browser. A consumer could be looking for anything: holistic dog food, organic flour, or baby shower gifts. The search engine will find all the links available and post them in order of relevance. All companies want to be on page one of the search, preferably at the top. How do they get there? They plant those key words in the right places.

When SEO does not Work

A campaign like this will only be successful if writers play by certain rules. One is that they must not copy and paste the same article over and over into numerous sites: on the website blog, Facebook, Twitter, and wherever else the opportunity arises. Each post has to be unique yet also contain relevant information plus those key words or phrases. Google is a sophisticated search engine capable of identifying spam and leaving guilty parties out of search results.

Secondly, posts must remain up to date. Although an out-of-date post will reach the top if it satisfies more criteria than recent ones or there are very few links, in a competitive market businesses have to remain current.

Finally, key words must be researched. Terms used in conversation, scholarly journals, and magazines are not the ones consumers use when searching the web for a product. Clients use as few words as possible, sometimes misspell them, and are unconcerned about grammar. SEO service providers find out this information using analytics, researching the industry a client is part of, and thinking the way consumers think.

Does Your Business Need Help?

A search for businesses in your field brings up lots of links but not your company’s website. Maybe you tried implementing SEO strategy on your own without adequate knowledge. Perhaps you hired a company that was not up to the job. Search Engine Optimization takes time to generate leads but given a chance, within six months a firm will be able to prove if an approach to SEO is going to boost profits.

Finding a Platform

How will an SEO professional lift his client above other businesses when an industry is competitive? She will identify every potential advertising platform into which key words can be inserted. If hired to do the writing, she will construct articles which are appropriate for their setting. On social media they will be engaging and personal. If the company runs a blog, articles will be business-like and informative. Each will promote the same product and critical words will be present. Crucially, however, each will seem natural in its context. Moreover, an SEO writer will integrate local place names to attract an audience living where her client runs his company because they are most likely to become customers.

As you ponder SEO for your business, have a look at some tips from Google’s very own Matt Cutts.

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