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There is some history behind OMG Machines:

OMG Machines 2015

Although it seems like yesterday that some of us were holding our breath in anticipation of Greg Morrison’s latest “progress report” in the Bring The Fresh* forum that we belonged to at the time (starting around June 2011), it really has only been about 4 years that this dynamo of internet marketing and search engine optimization hit the scene in a big way, pretty much changing everything as he, along with Mike Long and David Mills, created the original program. We will dive right in with this OMG Machines review.

Greg Morrison SEO

If you are new to learning internet marketing and SEO strategies and have never heard of the program, I’ll explain. “OMG” in this case does not stand for “Oh My Gosh!” as many might think; rather, it stands for “One Man Gang” since Greg pretty much came onto the stage as a guy who was single-handedly creating what, for many of us, seemed to be unheard of paydays among a group of people whose goals would have been lofty at earning $50 – $100 per day with Greg Morrison SEO.

OMG Machines Review…

Instead of reporting earnings of an “extra $1,000 or so per month,” Greg would (under his “MeLoveMoney” moniker at the time) announce in the forum things like, “I made $80,000 last month…” and, well, you just know that people are going to pay attention to that!

And, pay attention they did! So did I. Because, as things turned out, Greg reported earnings of about $1.2 MILLION in 11 months. I was one of the many people glued to the forum, waiting for his next “installment.”

Understand, Greg Morrison from OMG Machines is not a slacker, and his success is not due to “luck.” Prior to his earning money on line, he had been dealing cards at a Delaware casino, getting up at 3:30 each morning since he had to be at the casino by 4:00 am (WHO actually is playing cards at 4:00 am? Evidently a lot of people…). He and his fiancé at the time were expecting a baby, and as Greg puts it, “that lit a fire under (his) butt” because he wanted a good life for his son.

So, when he would get home from his shift at the casino, he would put another 8 hours in working to learn and apply online marketing strategies. His dedication and persistence paid off greatly since he was earning over $100,000 per month after less than 6 months of learning the techniques he would soon come to master – and then expand on in what has come to be known as OMG Machines.

People already heavily invested in internet marketing programs like Bring the Fresh and OMG pretty much know Greg’s backstory, as well as the stories of others like him (for example, Kelly Felix of Bring the Fresh used to be “The Rich Jerk,” and Mike Long is – well, one of the most energetic go-getters and marketing experts I know, not to mention a world-class “Magic, The Gathering” expert).

After Greg was consistently reporting the types of earnings most people only dream of, he – along with Mike Long and David Mills, another outstanding entrepreneur and developer of a program encouraging a spiritual aspect of success that is a topic for another article – launched what is now this program.

Since those early days of the “One Man Gang” course, things have come even further, with the program attracting seasoned and highly successful entrepreneurs and marketing masterminds as well as complete noobies who have never sold a single product in their lives.

OMG Machines is a serious learning platform that is not for the squeamish. One look at the price tag will tell you that this is high-level stuff – and, other than the small video clips you’ll see from some of the events (to which this writer has been fortunate enough to attend), there are non-disclosure agreements attendees must sign before being allowed through the doors of such events. Here’s a clip of the crowd welcoming the “Original One Man Gang” to this past year’s conference.

And, once you have been to an event, you would understand why the NDAs are in place. The internet is can be a vicious and competitive place, and there are some nefarious folks out in internet-land who would love to look like the big guy on campus by destroying the work of someone who is naturally bigger than them.

OMG Machines doesn’t spit out dribs and drabs of already chewed up knowledge that you can get just by Google-ing stuff like, “How can I rank my client’s website?” This is a program that, once you’re in the door, you are going to be spending whatever time you can in front of Over-the-Shoulder (OTS) videos, taking notes, participating on specially scheduled “Office Hours” coaching calls, interacting with the highest level engineers (fondly known as evil geniuses), fellow entrepreneurs, and people from every walk of life, and from nearly every country and background.

Understand this about OMG Machines…

Once you walk through the door, and once you begin learning and applying the SEO techniques, whether for your own or client websites and businesses, you will be among some of the most successful entrepreneurs out there today. Check it out carefully before you commit, because, once you click “Pay Now,” there is no turning back.

OMG Machines is for serious people only, and they do not offer refunds. They make this excruciatingly clear, so don’t go in with the attitude that you’ll “give it a whirl.” Go in with the attitude that you are now a successful internet marketing entrepreneur, and don’t stop until you reach that goal.

*Bring the Fresh, run by well-known internet entrepreneur Kelly Felix is another popular and excellent internet marketing program, and is what gave Greg Morrison his start. Hopefully this review helps you decide if OMG Machines is right for you.

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